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S2H Cycle Bicycle (Bike) Shop Location and Contact

S2H Cycle Bicycle (Bike) Shop Location and Contact

Contact Method:
H/p: See Chin Hui (Ah Hui) 6-016-6661697
Email: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Showroom Address : No.14, Jalan Abdullah, 84000, Muar, Johor, Malaysia
Showroom Tel/ Fax: 6-06-9522933
Service Contact: 6-016-3301697
Wholesales Contact: 6-016-6661692
GPS Cordinate : N 02'02.780' | E 102'33.901'
Made The Order : This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it (For order, delievery status & product information)

Bank Account Detail:
1. Maybank: Syarikat Seng Hin  
A/C : 5014-1312-2137
A/C : 7-1118-7653
A/C : 2012-7700-0288-85
A/C : 3-1697-2053-1

Syarikat Seng Hin started as a bicycle shop in the town of Muar, Johor, Malaysia since 1950s, has since grew into a dedicated bike products importer, exporter, wholesaler and distributor, well known in the circles of  Malaysia bicycle enthusiasts. With the passionate and continuous supports from our wonderful members and clients, the location of Syarikat Seng Hin remains at the same old nice place in Muar for the past 60 years.

Syarikat Seng Hin offers a wide range of bicycle products including junior bikes, MTB mountain bikes, BMX, road bikes, special bikes and all bicycle related parts & accessories. Most importantly, we are still as dedicated as before, upholding our traditions to provide unparalleled service in bicycle’s repairing and consulting.

2009 year turned a new chapter in Syarikat Seng Hin history book when we launched our corporate web site and stepped up our efforts in promoting local conscious and interests in family cycling outings. The web site will bring even closer our relationship with our supporting members and clients, especially in the ease of purchasing ever increasing products range and services. Furthermore, member can now access to the latest products release, updated local cycling club news, new services in custom-designed bicycle, and much… much more surprises to come.

成兴公司成立于50年代,至今已有60多年的历史。营业地点从未更换过,早期主要以普通自行车为主。经过徐氏努力经营下。从普通自行车维修店慢慢的成为自行车与零配件主要批发中心,营业范围从麻坡扩大至全马各地(包括东马), 而营业项目增加了婴儿和儿童用品。

随着新世纪的来临,自行车也慢慢的从代步交通工具演变成保健产品。本着提供专业化的理念下, 公司毅然的将其门市站改为专业化的保健自行车服务中心。以售卖产品多样化,清洁整齐的摆设方式和薄利多销的积极策略, 为广大市民提供最专业的服务。

现 今网络时代,距离也慢慢的不再是面对的问题,我们开始增设公司网站,陈设的多种产品,通过人力使用的减少和配合良好的快邮服务商,更让我们产品售价进一步 的降低。价廉物美多样化,快捷的服务和专业化咨询,是我们进入网络时代的方针。整齐和操作简单的网上定购方式,为客户通过網路通路的最佳選擇。