Grassland Express & Tours Pte Ltd Contact

Grassland Express & Tours Pte Ltd Contact

Head Office:
5001 Beach Road, #01-24/26 Golden Mile Complex, Singapore 199588 Tel: 62921166/62931166

Blk 221 Boon Lay Place #02-128 Boon Lay Shopping Centre  Singapore 640221. Tel: 62621661              

101 Upper Cross St. #B1-69, People’s Park Centre, Singapore 058357. Tel: 65331166

Grassland Express
maintains an extensive coverage throughout Peninsula Malaysia
Genting / K.Lumpur /  Malacca / Penang / Hatyai . . .

Grassland cares for you, always . . .
– Luxurious reclining chairs designed according to ergonomic principles, fully adjustable for comfort when sitting or lying down. –
– Highly efficient dampers designed by experts make your journey a smooth and relaxed one.
– Specially noiseproof set-up lowers noise volume to the minimum, allowing you to enjoy a quiet and peaceful trip
– German manufactured electromagnetic retarders are constantly in action  for stable braking and stopping.
– Fully adjustable electric footrest allows you to stretch your legs freely and relax at will –
– Equipped with spacious fully enclosed luggage racks meant for airliners, for your convenience in stowing personal luggage.
– An experience of tranquility under the stars, with specially placed interior lighting
– All seats are equipped with intelligent LCD console entertainment systems, presenting to you the best in both games and movies.
– Personal lamps of original design, fully adjustable for the ease of reading
– Professional air-conditioning servicing effectively clears all dust within and outside the vehicle, ensuring clean and fresh air. –
– High quality seat belts which are easy to use, yet extra safe
– Low floor design with handrails for the convenience of boarding and alighting passengers.

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