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Our Story
TRAVEX INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE of today started off as Travex Services Centre & Enterprise which came into being on 12 October 1985.

Travex Students
The main objective of the centre was to provide administrative support services in the search of qualified personnel for the tourism, airlines and hospitality industry. Secretarial and tourism training were also provided.

We are the oldest skill-training institute of tourism in Malaysia. We are also the pioneer provider of skill-training for tourism-related courses approved and accredited by the Ministry of Human Resources.

In 1998, Kolej Travex Sendirian Berhad, more popularly known as TRAVEX INTERNATIONAL COLLEGE, was established. It focuses on the niche tourism and educational services.

TRAVEX is a boutique college of tourism that offers quality standard training that produces graduates of high calibre. Our graduates are in great demand in the tourism industry.travex students As a matter of fact, any tourism entrepreneur, even the coach driver can see the difference between a Travex and a non-Travex trained staff. One of our graduates from the batch of 1996 said, ” It’s a sure thing – more than 50% of senior staff in the tourism industry are TRAVEX graduates “.

Here at Travex International College, we provide a conducive learning environment, more than just physical infrastructure. We want learning to become the student’s second nature. We share our knowledge and skills freely, yes, with our heart and our mind. We view our graduates’ success as our success. We want to make TRAVEX a great school of unlimited learning opportunities for all tourism students, no matter where they come from.

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