Austin Heights Private and International Schools

Austin Heights Private and International Schools

Austin Heights Private and International Schools
Wholly owned by Austin Heights Education Sdn. Bhd. (777277-H)
No.2, Jalan Austin Heights 31,
Taman Mount Austin,
81100 Johor Bahru, Malaysia.

Tel: +607-351 5000 351 3000 351 3003
Fax: +607-352 8373


“We are committed to create life-changing, life-shaping experiences that will last our learners a lifetime”

Austin Heights Schools, the forerunner in Experiential Learning, is set to change the educational landscape and traditional boundaries of private education. Our “Education without Boundaries” philosophy challenges the frontiers of private education and brings home the benefits of International education to all Austin Heights Schools’ students. Together with our “East Meets West” approach which incorporates the infusion of Eastern Values to Western Education, our students will be well equipped to face the globalized world without compromising on the core values of Eastern Philosophy.

Students’ proficiency in English is developed and mastered through their daily participation in our programme of studies delivered entirely in the English language. Austin Heights Schools’ students also benefit from our valuable “life skills” modules, which will equip them to survive and succeed in the 21st century. At Austin Heights Schools, specially designed activities are infused into both the curriculum and co-curriculum programme of the school to enable our students to be endowed with good character and fine intellect while developing their own unique personality.

At Austin Heights Schools, we adopt the British National Curriculum incorporating the International Primary Curriculum, preparing our students for higher education, locally and globally use the universal language of English as our only school language, in and out of the classrooms groom the youth of today to be the leaders of tomorrow in today’ s fast changing world embrace, nurture and develop a students’ skills and talents to allow the ordinary to become extraordinary

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