Bus Terminals in Malaysia – Pahang

Bus Terminals in Malaysia – Pahang

Kuantan Terminal Sentral
The  new terminal known as Kuantan Terminal Sentral replaced the Makmur Terminal which was previously located near the Darul Makmur. To get there the best way is by intercity bus or taxis.

Hentian Raya Bentong, Bentong
Hentian Raya Bentong is located in the center of Bentong town. In daily situation, local people or tourist always use express bus service, public buses or taxis to move from one place to another place. Around here also provided others public services such as banks and shops that sell daily necessities.
Address: Perhentian Bas Bentong, Pahang

Stesen Hentian Bas Bandar Baru, Kuala Lipis
Kuala Lipis is a small town in Pahang, Malaysia with a population of 20,000. It is located in the district of Lipis. Stesen Hentian Bas Bandar Baru provided bus express, public bus, train and taxi services to local people and tourist. There are many attraction around Kuala Lipis such as Zoo Lipis, Homestay in Kuala Medang, recreational lake Empang Jaleh, Bukit Taching, Motor Cross, River Rafting and Gunung Bama.
Address: Stesyen Bas Bandar Baru, Kuala Lipis, 27200, Pahang

Tanah Rata Bus Terminal

Tanah Rata Bus Terminal is the only bus terminal in Cameron Highland. The terminal is conveniently located at the Tanah Rata, where it is one of the tourist hotspot in Cameron Highland. Besides that, tourists can easily connect to another tourist hotspot Brinchang, by walking or taxi because Brinchang is just 4 kilometers further up from Tanah Rata.Tanah Rata Bus Terminal serves the outbound routes of Cameron Highland to Kuala Lumpur, Cameron Highland to Penang and Cameron Highland to Ipoh. Besides that Tanah Rata Bus Terminal also serves as the inbound terminal for Kuala Lumpur to Cameron Highland, Penang to Cameron Highland and Ipoh to Cameron Highland.

First World Bus Terminal
First World Bus Terminal is the only bus terminal located in Genting Highland. The terminal is conveniently located at the First World Hotel, where the commuters can directly access to the casino, theme park and hotel easily.

Some people may have the information that all buses going to Genting Highland would stop at Genting Skyway station and then transfer to take cable to go Genting Highland. This is correct for Go Genting Express bus departing from Pudu Sentral, KL Sentral, Terminal Putra, One Utama and Kajang. If you take Go Genting Express bus from above-mentioned terminals, you would alight at Genting Skyway Station and then take the cable car (Skyway) to Genting Highland. However, for other express bus like Transtar, Starmart, and 707, the buses would go directly to First World Bus Terminal, which is conveniently located at First World Hotel.

Persatuan Perniaga Kecil, Endau Mersing, 20820, Pahang     

Stesen Bas Bandar Baru Rompin, Kuala Rompin, Pahang     

Stesen Bas Jerantut, Jln Dulang Off Jalan Dewangsa, Bandar Baru Jerantut, 27000, Pahang     

Bangunan Arked MARA, Jalan Dato Abdullah, 27600, Pahang    

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