Dasein Academy of Art

Dasein Academy of Art

12-G, Jalan Wangsa Delima 10,
Desa Wangsa, Sec 5, Wangsa Maju,
53300 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

Tel: +603 – 4142 2990
Fax: +603 – 4142 1992
Email: enquiries@dasein.edu.my
GPS: E 101°44’27.3?, N 3°11’47.8?

‘Dasein’(‘da : za-in ), a connotation derived from German philosophy, has timelessly inspired creative thinkers to discover and redefine one¡¯s true being and existence. With that ideal in mind, Dasein Academy of Art was established in 1996 by a team of avid educators and professionals from the creative industry. Aspired to revive the role of creative education from stereotyped qualifications back to the cultivation of individual distinction, an aspired team dedicated to personal enrichment was formed.

Driven by this ingenuity, Dasein Academy believes that creative education is more than just merely a skill or job-market-oriented curriculum. After all, it is through the path of creative thinking and aesthetic learning that one discovers the beauty of one¡¯s existence; and that, is a fulfillment of a lifetime.

To be a local art and design education hub that grows in sync with the world.

– To build a knowledge platform in art and design that integrates educators and industry professionals locally and internationally
– To explore on the local multi-cultural background as a competitive education resource in art and design.
– To continuously fulfill the changing needs of the creative industry.

Dato (Dr.) Haji Khalid Yunus ( Chairman of Dasein )

Welcome to Dasein Academy, where the seeds of art and creativity are sowed by enthusiastic educators and artists. As a leading art institution, we believe every student is unique in his own talent. Therefore, the academic hallmark of Dasein is to embrace the diversity of each individual and to nurture their creative senses.

At Dasein, students are supported by a team of elite lecturers. With utmost passion, extra miles are often dedicated to unleash the students’ imagination. We speak of Dasein as an academic community thriving on a creative culture of inspirations and artistic freedom. Here, students are encouraged to explore new aesthetic approaches while capturing the essence of industry’s needs. This process of exploring and learning is vital for becoming a sustainable professional; one that is equipped with visionary perspectives to excel, and just as importantly, to flourish a fruitful contribution to the society.

Our programs serve to educate, inspire and foster creativity in students and the community. As such, you are always welcome to visit us and find out more about Dasein. My team will be very much delighted to welcome and assist you.

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