Henry Butcher Malaysia Contact

Henry Butcher Malaysia Contact

No. 25, Jalan Yap Ah Shak, Off Jalan Dang Wangi, 50300 Kuala Lumpur,
Malaysia (GPS Coordinates: 3.157962, 101.700326)
Tel: 603-2694 2212
Fax: 603-2694 5543 (Admin)
Email: admin@henrybutcher.com.my

Tel: 603-2694 2212
Fax: 603-2694 3484
Email: hbmalaysia@henrybutcher.com.my

Project Marketing
Tel: 603-2694 2212
Fax: 603-2692 5771
Email: tang.cm@henrybutcher.com.my

Real Estate Agency
Tel: 603-2694 2212
Fax: 603-2694 1261
Email: hbre@henrybutcher.com.my

International Marketing
Tel: 603-7118 3800
Fax: 603-7727 4077
Email: jazgsh@henrybutcher.com.my

Market Research & Development Consultancy
Tel: 603-4270 2072
Fax: 603-4270 2082
Email: hbjurunilai@yahoo.com

Retail Consultancy
Tel: 603-91305550
Fax: 603-9130 4003
Email: tanhaihsin@yahoo.com

Facilities & Asset Management
Tel: 603-6205 3330
Fax: 603-6206 2543
Email: admin.assetmgmt@henrybutcher.co

Plant & Machinery Consultancy
Tel: 12323523452
Fax: 1231231234
Email: testing@test.com

Auctions & Tender Sales
Tel: 603-2694 2212
Fax: 603-2694 1261
Email: hbaamalaysia@gmail.com

Art Consultancy
Tel: 603-2691 3089
Fax: 603-2691 3127
Email: info@hbart.com.my

Bao Fun MM2H
Tel: +603-6207 8538
Fax: 860704220
Email: myhome@baofun-mm2h.com

Henry Butcher Malaysia Sdn. Bhd. (HBM), a member of GoIndustry DoveBid (previously Henry Butcher & Co) and established in Malaysia in 1987, has an extensive network of 25 offices throughout Malaysia, supported by more than 500 trained and professional staff. HBM has also expanded to other part of ASEAN through equity participation in an asset management company in Thailand, a full office in Cambodia and cooperation with associates in Indonesia, Singapore, Hong Kong and the U. K.

HBM offers consultancy services in both the real estate and plant and machinery sectors covering areas of expertise such as valuation, real estate agency, investment advisory, international marketing, market research, development consultancy, project marketing, asset management, retail planning, design, leasing and management, tenders and auctions. HBM is on the panel of major international and Malaysian financial institutions and services both public listed and privately owned companies, multinationals, government linked companies, institutions as well as private investors with diverse business interests such as property development and investment, plantations, manufacturing, banking and financial services, construction, accounting and corporate services, telecommunications and others within as well as outside Malaysia. HBM’s marketing team has undertaken numerous projects with local and international developers (from as far as London and Australia) to showcase their properties in Malaysia, Singapore, Indonesia, U. K. and Hong Kong.

HBM group’s work assignments over the years have covered different assets including timber concessions, oil palm estates and rubber plantations, township developments, residential and commercial projects, industrial and retail properties, as well as resorts/hotels. For plant and machinery, HBM have been involved in assignments involving all kinds of plant and machinery ranging from telecommunications facilities, construction equipment, electronics, textile, oil and gas equipment to transport and aviation equipment.

In 2008, HBM started the business of art auction and consultancy, and have since being holding annual auctions successfully as well as actively advising clients on their art collection.

We believe in promoting Malaysia as a hub for not just business, investment and leisure, but also a place to call home. As such, we are offering services for foreigners who wish to settle in Malaysia through the Malaysia My Second Home (MM2H) programme that is fully endorsed by the Ministry of Tourism Malaysia.

We believe in growth and are constantly on the lookout for new business opportunities as well as expansion and strategic alliances in other countries, to serve our clients’ needs more effectively and to promote international investment.

At Henry Butcher Malaysia, we believe in building a lasting relationship with every client that we serve. Our philosophy is simple: Service, Commitment, Integrity, Professionalism, Knowledge, and Creativity.

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