Raffles American School

Raffles American School

Raffles American School,
Lot 1- 4, Anjung Neighborhood Center,
5 Persiaran Ledang Heights,
79250 Nusajaya, Johor, Malaysia.
Phone Number: +6 (07) 510 2668 / 2868
Email Address for all inquiries: admissions@raffles-american-school.edu.my

Thank you for visiting the RAS website. RAS is undergoing two phases of development. The construction of our contemporary educational facility and the development of our Anjung Campus to meet current student enrollment requirements. As you visit the website please enjoy the detailed communication of our plans for the Main Campus. Under the Anjung Campus link you can learn more about our current educational efforts, growth, and enrollment offerings.

Welcome to Raffles American School Website

The RAS Story : RAS was envisioned by Raffles Education Corporation (REC) of Singapore back in 2010. Since that time RAS has progressed from a vision, to a full working plan. In 2011, REC contracted International School Services (ISS) out of Princeton, New Jersey to provide the American curriculum, instructional materials and overseas staff for the creation of RAS. Together with REC, ISS recruited Dr. Rob to be the founding Superintendent of RAS. With more than 20 years of overseas school experience Dr. Rob joined the RAS team in late 2011. Immediately upon arrival to Malaysia Dr. Rob began the recruitment process which ultimately culminated in the hirng of our current 6 overseas faculty and our admissions coordinator, Mrs. Kerstin Mockrish. We will welcome 3 additional overseas faculty to RAS beginning in August 2013.

The next step toward creating RAS required the rental of a facility that could serve as a teamporary campus while the final steps in procuring the 46 acre site, which is to be the home of RAS just outside of the Educity, Iskandar, continued. In early 2012 an empty section of the Anjung Neighborhood Center in Nusajaya was determined to be the optimal location for establishing RAS in the short term. Following detailed renovations and a shipment of instructional materials from the USA, RAS opened its doors in August 2012 to a small group of eager students. The August 2013 opening hosted a much larger group of eager students as RAS continues to provide rigorous education with the student at the center of learning.

Please visit the website links to learn more about our future and current developments. RAS will continue to operate in Anjung Center for the full 2013-14 School Year. Movement to the first phase of the RAS Main Campus will begin in January 2015.

Raffles American School is a learning community that empowers students to achieve their academic and life potential. RAS serves students Pre-K-12. Our rigorous and rich academic and co-curricular programs encourage student growth through a learning outcome approach, acknowledging multiple types of intelligence and paths to learning. We facilitate student success through collaboration with parents, a balanced focus on intellectual, emotional, physical, and social progress, and a profound belief that all students can learn.

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