Sarawak – Hospital Simunjan

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Sarawak – Hospital Simunjan

Hospital Simunjan
Jalan Gunung Ngeli
Simunjan, Sarawak
94800 Simunjan
Tel: 082-803982
Fax: 082-803823
Jumlah Katil: 42

Hospital Simunjan is a government hospital located in Simunjan, Sarawak.
The Hospital is a 45 beds hospital and it is a non-specialist district hospital providing outpatient services and inpatient services.
Services available at Hospital Simunjan included:

Clinical Services
• Emergency Unit
• Department of Pharmacy
• Medical Social Work Unit
• Pathology Unit
• Hemodialysis Services
• Health Education Unit
• Imaging and Diagnostic Unit
• Physiotherapy Unit

Non-Clinical Services
• Medical Record Unit
• Administration Unit

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