Sense Club, Scott Garden, KL

Sense Club, Scott Garden, KL

SENSE is now bringing class to the corner of Kuala Lumpur Malaysia, this new and hip club has corseted spunk, class and sparkling blue over the top atmosphere is able to make you believe you’re at a bar for the up class monarchs, except that it’s KL.

Beautiful girls flank the dance floor while hip-hop and rock boom through this sexy bar, VIP lounge and nightclub. Strong exquisite drinks in an international style are served. The décor is partially left over from the hot Los Angeles nightclubs with a hint of grand European touch that originated the boudoir theme at this location which is now very well known for its renowned style and class.

Address  289 Jalan Klang Lama, Old Klang Road. LOT 1-09 The Scott Garden Complex

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