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Alt Media Sdn. Bhd.
Sri Pentas,
No. 3, Persiaran Bandar Utama,
Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya
Selangor Darul Ehsan
Phone : 03 7726 6333
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ABOUT Alt Media
Formed in 2007, Alt Media is a digital and new media company formed to spearhead the development of Media Prima’s brand in this space. Our core skills are in platform strategy, content creation and design as well as technical development.

These skills are prominently projected in the development and management of Media Prima’s online operations particularly, for the existing TV and radio networks such as TV3, NTV7, 8TV, TV9, Fly fm, Hot fm and One fm. We are also responsible for the existence of the nation’s premiere lifestyle and entertainment portal and also the country’s most prominent music portal We are also responsible for the generation of revenue through these platforms

We plan to engage users with relevant content and interactive experiences, ensuring that they are easy to use and accessible through different devices and applications. Striving to deliver a compelling experience to consumers, we also plan to introduce more exciting new surprises in the near future. This is our commitment in staying true to our goals and visions of bringing the digital world to a whole new level.

Our Platforms
Think Malaysian portals can’t be exciting, engaging, cool, and deliciously addictive? Think again with Alt Media portals! We trailblazed the way with Catch Up TV, the first for online streaming programmes just 6 hours after television broadcast. Since then, Alt Media has delivered Media Prima’s innovative sites,,,,, and our no1 lifestyle and entertainment portal and its music portal, to millions of visitors. Today, we have changed the internet landscape again, with – the ultimate destination for online video content in Malaysia.

Constantly raising the bar, our team are always looking at technical and new media breakthroughs to bring the latest innovations to our sites. Each site and microsite Alt Media creates focuses on specific audiences, bringing relevant content right to those who want it. Interaction and Content is key to making our sites leaders and accessible to all.

Mobile TV
Alt Media was the first in South East Asia to bring a TV network right to mobile.  All our stations now mobile stream full episodes of their top 10 programmes directly to your mobile with updates every day. These mobile sites (,,, and, have pushed Alt Media to the forefront for mobile content in Asia.

Not only did the convenience of free mobile streaming* extend our popular web Catch Up service but we also gave users TV schedules, comments via mobile, downloads, ringtones and even games.

Interactive Services is the dynamic, innovative group that takes ownership and delivery responsibility of FOUR major content elements.
1.    Real-time 3D graphic overlays and manipulation on TV – bugs, squeeze-screens etc
2.    Interactive & mobile services – voting, sms chat, alerts, subscriptions for TV programs and more.
3.    Interactive Programming on TV – TV programs that revolve around real-time viewer interaction, for example  8TV NiteLive, Video Jukebox, Celebrity Chat
4.    Mobile Content – Ringtones, CRT’s, Games, Wallpapers etc

The skill-sets required are very different from regular graphics design or TV production and the team has experienced design, production & operations personnel who have become leaders in their specialized fields.

In addition, Interactive Services continually research and develop innovative methods for  real-time, dynamic interaction with the TV screen. For example, the ability to pull data from a variety of web sources in real-time, and display it on TV screens is an exciting development, and Alt Media has developed real leadership in this area of cross-platform technology.
Some examples of these unique innovations are:
1.    Social Media integration and ability to take media from rich data streams like XML/ATOM/RSS Feeds, through a moderation process and then to screen – all in real-time. Great for UGC activities!
2.    Dynamic Advertising. This is like ‘real-time advertising’ – pulling data from web sources to populate graphic templates, thus allowing advertising or messaging elements to be continually updated, while preserving the layouts and designs.
3.    Real-Time Sentiment Engine: The ability for a viewer (or category of viewer) to express a ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ for what they’re viewing on live TV. Interaction is through a web or mobile site/page, and the aggregated sentiment graphed on TV within 10s. This is very different from a ‘vote’ or SMS based or scenario. ‘Think’ CNN’s graphing during live political addresses

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