Vinz Office System Contact and Location

Vinz Office System Contact and Location

No. 7, Jalan 11, Taman Kepong, 52100 Kuala Lumpur
Tel: +603-6261 3833
Fax: +603-6276 3833

Vinz Office System is a Malaysia based manufacturer of office furniture, office chair and office workstation to a key player in the furniture industry that is well known for its own brand – Vinz®. Vinz® furniture is the proud result of our research and development, and is manufactured on an OEM basis. This ensures undisrupted supply and helps optimize our clients’ budgets.

Why are we different?
It did not take us long to win the trust of big corporations. Since we were established in 2006, we have had the priviledge to serve a large number of renowned companies in Malaysia, both listed and non-listed. And these are not just one-time deals. There are repeating orders.

So, why is Vinz Office System different? You ask.

The answers: wide range of products, excellent customer service, competitive prices and flexibility.

Regardless of what the type or size of your office is, we provide you with just the right furniture and fittings that you need. Our products include workstation, storage system, desk, cabinet, office seating and steel furniture. We also provide furniture for banquet, education and auditorium purposes.

Our close relationship with local and foreign manufacturers strengthens our ability to supply a wide range of OEM products. This enabled us to secure various projects throughout the years. We are able to fulfill different requirements from our clients, be it value-for-money furniture or luxury products.

What makes dealing with Vinz Office System a pleasant experience is our excellent customer service. We are always on a standby mode and will be more than happy to serve you and answer any query you may have.

We value every customer and are giving our best to make long-lasting business relationship. For without you we can never grow this fast and stand this strong.

Our Mission

Focus on our core business to satisfy customer’s requirement:
(a) Quality
(b) Service
(c) Pricing

Strengthen research & development:
(a) Product innovation
(b) Creative design

We strive to venture into overseas markets, and work together with our clients to help them standardise the design of their offices around the world.

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