Europcar Malaysia

Europcar Malaysia

We are a division of Asia-Experience Tours Sdn. Bhd., which is part of the WTKH Travel Group.The Travel Group has a sales turnover of more than RM350 million with more than 300 employees. The Travel Group CEO is Dato’ Ngiam Foon who is the immediate past President of The Malaysia Association of Tour and Travel Agents (MATTA).
Our travel group consists of the following

· PST Travel  BCD Travel Solutions – Corporate & Incentive Travel (Tel: +603 – 2617 2000 )
· Orange Holiday World – Leisure Travel & Membership Travel Services (Tel: +603 – 2053 0500 )
· Orex Travel – Japanese Corporate & Leisure Travel (Tel: +603 – 2053 1266 )
· Asia Experience – Inbound & Hotel wholesale (Tel: +603 – 2731 9988 )
· Europcar – Car rentals & leasing (Tel: +603 – 4042 8818 )

Leasing a car the easy way
Leasing a car for 3 months +
Lease Agreement with VAT repayments
All inclusive
Possibility to change car during the rental period after 3 months
Low premium on termination of the agreement

A flexible agreement on lease cars

The idea of renting leasing is that you can enter a ‘soft’ and all-comprehensive lease agreement, which is easily and painlessly may be discontinued. Your company has a product where everything is included (in addition to fuel and wash). Does your company need to lease a car or more for a minimum period of 3 months, can I with rental lease be sure to have a flexible agreement on lease cars. Our product is a good supplement to another lease fleet or own vehicles for in this way to turn the entire fleet flexible in an economical manner. By leasing a car for Rental Leasing gets your company the advantage of TAX payments on your lease car.

Use of Rental Lease of leasing a car

Fits Rent Lease your company? Yes, if you can say yes to one or more of the following.
Your company needs extra lease cars for short periods, for example. for specific tasks.
Your company do not know exactly how long I need to lease a car.
I can not decide you for a specific car. With several thousand leasing cars to choose from you should probably find one that suits your taste & needs.


Minimum period of lease of a car with Hire Leasing is 3 months – ensuring the company tax deduction on cars – but otherwise you drive still there-out at the same performance up to 36 months – possibly longer. Wanted lease interrupted between the 3rd and 24 month paid just 2 months performance inclusive of VAT and the vehicle can be returned to Europcar.

Contact us
Phone: +6012-212 9201
Fax: +603-40 42 09 98
Skype: Europcar.Malaysia

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