Johor – Hospital Tangkak

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Johor – Hospital Tangkak

Hospital Tangkak
Jalan Hospital, Tangkak Muar
Tangkak, Johor
84900 Tangkak
Tel: 06-9782792
Fax: 06-9786521
Jumlah Katil:  69

Tangkak Hospital is a hospital located in Tangkak, Johor, Malaysia. Tangkak Hospital began operations in 1912 and has grown rapidly around the 1960’s and the late 1970s.

Hospital Tangkak is a small hospital without specialist medical services that provides it’s medical services to the whole population of Tangkak and nearby residents.

Among the hospital’s service area covered are:
– Asahan
– Nyalas
– Bukit Kangkar
– Sagil
– Bukit Gambir
– Bukit Serampang
– Simpang Bekoh
– Serom
– Cincin
– Sungai Mati
– Jasin
– Telok Rimba
– Jementah

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