Lapan Lapan Express (Bus 88 Express) Bus Service Contact

Lapan Lapan Express (Bus 88 Express) Bus Service Contact

Lapan Lapan Travel HQ:
181 Kitchener Rd #01-23/24
New Park Hotel Shopping Arcade
Singapore 208533
Tel: +65-6392 2188 Fax: +65-6392 2388     

Ipoh Branch:
Agensi Sugatii Sdn Bhd
45, Jalan Bendahara,
31650 Ipoh, Malaysia.
Tel: 012-500 8831

Lapan Lapan Travel Pte Ltd

Lapan Lapan Travel Pte Lts is the head quarter company of the whole 88 coach fleet. This is a Singapore based company. The HQ is located at Park Royal Kitchener Road. They have quite a nice SVIP fleet of light cyan and orange coaches that specialize in the route between Singapore, Ipoh, and KL.

They have a direct branch located in Jalan Bendahara, Ipoh, Perak Malaysia. This is an established company that for the past years they have been running only on their own coaches.

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