Rapid Penang Bus Service Contact

Rapid Penang Bus Service Contact

Rapid Penang Sdn. Bhd.
Lorong Kulit, 10460 Penang, Malaysia.
Tel: 04-238 1212

ICIS Centre (Bus arrival time):     
Tel: 04-238 1313
Fax: 04-228 1070
Email: rapidcare@prasarana.com.my

Our Logo
Our corporate signature is an innovative and distinctive self-contained icon. The ‘r’ brand mark is representative of directional signs and movements inherent in mass transport; thus representing the dynamism and commitment of our organisation.

The red, white and blue colours of our signature are the colours of the Malaysian flag. The red signifies courage to overcome obstacles and challenges; the colour white signifies purity and the blue is a symbol of the peace enjoyed by Malaysians of various ethnic groups.

Our Vision
– To be the Preferred Public Transportation Service in Penang

Our Mission
– To deliver an integrated public transportation system which prioritises customer satisfaction
– To provide a comfortable, affordable and reliable public transport service in Penang
– To alleviate Penang’s public transportation problem
– To emphasise safety, reliability, trust and professionalism at affordable prices
– To encourage the use of public transport

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